Pulsar-Online is an multiplayer tactical simulation game with an international range. Players get together to fight with or against each other. To play you only need a regular web browser like Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. That's all.

It's not the end


2012-08-30 15:13

I've decided to disable Pulsar's gameplay until new engine is ready. It should not take more than a few months. Or at least I hope so. 

To give you a general idea of Pulsar's new gameplay engine, look at this screen:

See you soon.


  • [22:25] Indicium: It's quiet around here.
  • [22:25] Dziku: wooooo
  • [22:25] Indicium: Hello!
  • [04:15] looker: ---
  • [06:59] Gecco: woooo its been a while since I've been on
  • [06:40] idigital: just checking pulsar out, found it on sourceforge
  • [06:06] iYRe: hidigital!
  • [03:37] SnaKe: yeah
  • [02:50] iYRe: well, i dont think its mobile compatible
  • [01:07] SnaKe: this brackground makes it impossible to play on my phone, lol. Loads in pieces.
  • [23:27] iYRe: snake :P
  • [00:26] iYRe: or.. buying weaps and ships